Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hey all!

I have created this blog to inspire those interested in becoming a midwife and to remind others of their past. This is a way to receive guidance and transition from a baby CNM into a.... teenage CNM??? No matter what I hope you laugh, cry, and enjoy my first year as a midwife.

Well, I am finally here. No more studying, no more test, and no more papers. Or so I thought! I had my first day at work Monday and man was I ready! I had on my cute outfit, lunch pack, and even some am exercise. How about I didn't touch not one belly:( PAPERWORK!!! Let me tell you, there is so much paperwork to fill out, you can't even imagine. Beyond that I am excited! I love the staff and I can't wait get somewhat adjusted.

I had a few labor checks, but my first weekend on call was quiet. I can't lie I am a little sad. I haven't had a delivery in months. However, I hope I am ready when I do. I am most excited about the birth center. I haven't had a lot of exposure to this type of birth setting. So many new things to learn and most importantly, protocols. No more continuous monitoring for normal pregnancies, yahhhhh!!! I think this week when I have down time, I am gonna peek around the birth rooms to familiarize myself.

The best part of this week was bellycasting. Built into their prenatal care visit, mommies get to have their bellies casted then come the following visit to paint their works of art. I love it!! Of course, the woman I casted looked at me like she was gonna fight me, but we got through it! I will post a pic after she paints it. What I enjoyed most was the fellowship and the excitement of the women. This is a beautiful experience for these women and I am proud to participate in it. Can wait to have a bun in my oven to plaster!! Hee-hee!


Megan said...

Ebbie I'm so proud/excited/inspired by you. Hopefully your next 'casting' experience will be a happy one! Update often, please! Love you and miss you at the Fax!

Lisa W. said...

Congratulations Ebbie! whoohoo! I love belly are just going to fly now! Hugs from a class TEN alumnus!(and fellow blogger)