Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lobby Express!!

Well gang, I am entering my second month and I am still having a ball! I was granted another gift from the birth goddess and got to deliver one of my the lobby. I was at a staff meeting when the front desk attendant announced her arrival. I jumped up with excitement only to greet her in the lobby with the classic precipitous statement,"the baby is coming!". I ran past her to a exam room and grabbed a pair of gloves. I ran back to her pants being pulled down and she simutaneously delivered the head. We laid her down on a blanket then she let the rest of the baby come out. Technichally, the baby and her body did all the work. I just made sure my piece of love muffin didn't hit the floor!

Got to place my second IUD, this time a paraguard. Had some difficulty sounding and I later found out it was because her uterus was retroverted. Question, any of my midwifery mothers out there have any tips on properly assessing this? I should have know there would be some issues when I sounded her to 5 and 1/2. Anywhoo, after my attempted placement, I felt the ball of the "T" in her cervix. Bummer! I really need to practice advancement with the demo model because I am sure I pulled it down on the way out. I am going to seek out all the placements on the schedule this month so I can get some practice.

This is a big month for me. I am starting a full schedule this month! A bit nervous, but everyone has been totally patient with me so they can't stop now!


Carol said...


you are so friggin hilarious!!! You completely crack me up. Out of all the midwives I know, and all the midwives I will meet, you just seem to be the most likely to deliver a baby in a lobby.

Keep these blogs rolling, because I will be here often to keep updated with your new career.


Story said...

I had to put my two cents in know me! So I don't blame you for not noticing this since you were kind of "otherwise disposed" at the time...but it was not a blanket that this woman lay down was the lap of none other than your favorite pregnant midwifery student, and since it took quite the maneuvering on my part, I just wanted to take that small bit of credit :)